Are you getting collection letters about an unpaid check?

Is a debt collector demanding that you pay extra fees because your check didn't clear?

Did you receive a letter from the "Check Enforcement Program" or the "Bad Check Restitution Program?"

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Some unscrupulous companies are making millions of dollars collecting exaggerated fees on unpaid checks. Often, the fees are just something the collector invented. Of course, if you wrote a check that did not clear, you should take care of it. However, Federal law prohibits debt collectors from lying to you or collecting fees that you do not owe. Some of the common abuses are:

  • Adding unlawful service charges or other fees
  • Falsely threatening to have you criminally prosecuted, or to sue you
  • Lying to you about who they are, or what will happen if you don't pay all their fees

If you wrote a check that did not clear, you may owe the check amount, plus a service charge. Each state has different laws, limiting the fees you may be charged.

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Don't let debt collectors take advantage of you

Debt collectors often take advantage of the embarrassment or guilt you feel if you thought your check was good, but later found out it bounced. You may get a letter that looks like it's from a law office, and threatening you with a lawsuit, or telling you that your wages will be garnished. You may get a letter on district attorney letterhead, from a "District Attorney Bad Check Restitution Program", or the "Check Enforcement Program." You may be told that you have been accused of a crime, and should enroll in a bad check diversion program to avoid being prosecuted. Often, your check has been sent to one of these private companies by another debt collector, like Certegy Payment Recovery, Telecheck or TRS Recovery Services.

The companies that sent you a collection demand may be violating the law by illegally threatening you, or by telling you to pay excessive service charges or other fees.

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In this office, we have twenty years of experience in dealing with abusive check collectors. We have successfully sued check collectors for millions of dollars in class action lawsuits. We cannot give you advice on this website, but if you contact us, we may be able to assist you. We are licensed to practice law in California, and we work collaboratively with lawyers throughout the United States. If you have been threatened by a debt collector about an unpaid check, contact this office at (360) 378-6496 to discuss your problem, or complete the following form.

There is no charge for a consultation. Usually, the debt collector who is threatening you has to pay our fee and you pay nothing.

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